Campbell Enhancement Fund Launches Spring Fundraising Campaign


Campbell Enhancement Fund Launches Spring Fundraising Campaign

The Advisory Board of the Campbell Enhancement Fund (CEF) recently launched a campaign with a goal to raise $15,000 this spring; the fund’s hope is to award $10,000 in grants this year while adding $5,000 to their endowment fund to build for the future.  The mission of the CEF is to strengthen Campbell County communities while improving the quality of life in our county, serving the people of Campbell County and having a real impact on improving the conditions of our county and the people who live in it.  The board began with an appeal to 100 leaders in Campbell County by letter on May 1, 2017. 


In February 2016, CEF awarded eight grants.  The grants were provided to Campbell County Children’s Center-Personal Body Safety Program, Campbell County Historical Society-Postmark LaFollette,  Campbell County Rural Fire Service-Educational Support for Campbell County Firefighters, Community Health of East Tennessee, Inc.-Campbell County Generation Rx Program Project, Food/Life Services of Campbell County, Great Smoky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America-Campbell County Youth Development Project, LaFollette Middle School-College/Career Field Trips for 8th Graders, and Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service (SCHAS)-Financial Aid for Campbell County Seniors.  Now, a year later, results are evident throughout the county and the Advisory Board wants to assure continued impact through additional grantmaking.


Tim Howell, CEO, Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service, Inc., one of the eight 2016 grant recipients, describes best the impact of these much needed funds in Campbell County, “As adults age the challenge to remain in their homes increases.  Especially if personal finances are scarce and the community they live in has limited resources to provide help.  This is why receiving a donation from the Campbell County Enhancement Fund was vital.  In 2016 Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service, Inc. was able to provide homemaker and personal care support to 71 older adults in Campbell County and 62 of them were below the federal poverty level.  The funds received have allowed adults to stay in the place they most want to be – their home.  Thank you to everyone that has donated!  You may not personally go out and give people a bath or clean their homes, but you certainly are the reason they received care.”


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