East Tennessee Foundation Annual Meeting Reveals Logo, Community Impact Plans for 30th Anniversary


New logo : With thanks to artist, Kreh Mellick, for "growing philanthropy" illustration
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – East Tennessee Foundation (ETF) is set to celebrate during 2016 30 years of growing service and philanthropy in the East Tennessee region. Since its inception in 1986, ETF has grown its assets from $650,000 to an unprecedented amount of nearly $300 million. During its history, ETF has granted $223 million in the region – an unparalleled philanthropic impact and legacy.

To celebrate these accomplishments and initiatives, ETF kicked off its 30th anniversary celebration on Tuesday, January 26, at its 2016 annual meeting, held at The Foundry. The luncheon included comments from ETF President and CEO Mike McClamroch, and its 30th anniversary task force chair, Mary Beth West.

McClamroch and West both spoke to the importance of building charitable resources and strengthening communities throughout East Tennessee as well as ETF’s growing role and strong legacy.

West announced the theme of ETF’s 30th anniversary is “journeys.”
“Our task force immediately embraced the concept that this whole year should be about the journeys that specific stakeholders to ETF make as part of this organization’s success,” said West. “There is, of course, East Tennessee Foundation’s own journey as an organization, each community’s journey, the recipient/grantee’s journey, and certainly the donor’s journey."

ETF announced several goals and plans to accompany the theme of its stakeholders’ journeys. One of the main goals is to better inform the community about what East Tennessee Foundation is and how it advances philanthropy. ETF also hopes to further educate individuals on why philanthropy is important to the region, both immediately and as a sustaining and building force to the growth and development within East Tennessee. ETF wants individuals to consider their potential roles in donating time, money, resources and passion to the community.

In order to better understand ETF’s goals and objectives, members of the community must first understand the process ETF utilizes to accomplish these goals. ETF essentially does three things:
1. Receives contributions from donors
2. Manages and invests assets
3. Gives well-placed grants and scholarships

ETF will reach out to each of the 25 counties in its service area to ensure the message is spread regionally, beyond Knox County and the immediate areas. ETF wants communities all across East Tennessee, from the mountains to the plateau, to understand their importance in the process.

Trudy Hughes, the Foundation’s Director of Regional Advancement, will be working with the 25 counties at numerous regional ETF events and gatherings, carrying the banner and message of the 30th anniversary to individuals across East Tennessee.

ETF is also planning a two-day “Philanthropy Road Show” across East Tennessee featuring Susan Price, author of the book, Generous Genes, to expound on the topic of family philanthropy and how to instill a culture of giving not just within families, but also among the next generation.

The capstone of ETF’s 30th anniversary year will be later this fall, with a recognition event to thank donors whose generosity has made the journey possible. Details about the event will be announced later in the year.

To learn more about East Tennessee Foundation and how to begin your own journey in 2016, visit

About East Tennessee Foundation: ETF is a non-profit organization created by and for the people of East Tennessee. Serving more than 25 counties throughout 30 years, ETF consists of many donors joined together to make the region they love a better place. ETF wants to build endowment, thus creating a permanent source of philanthropic funding for the East Tennessee region.

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