East Tennessee Foundation’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund Provides Fire Disaster Relief


We are all aware of the tragic fires throughout our region and the terrible impact these have had on so many East Tennesseans.  As we have for thirty years, East Tennessee Foundation’s (ETF) role is one of working closely with organizations providing disaster response and relief services. ETF announces it is accepting gifts to its Neighbor to Neighbor Disaster Relief Fund.

ETF will work to identify agencies requiring support for providing immediate relief.  Over the coming weeks, we will meet and partner with community fire departments, rescue squads, and other community organizations to determine the need for replenishing depleted resources as a result of our regions’ recovery and rebuilding.  The ETF Neighbor to Neighbor Disaster Relief Fund (NtoN) provides timely disaster grants to organizations where most needed and addresses the long-term recovery of our region. 

As you work to decide your personal response, here is how you can partner with ETF to make your contribution.  Go to can make checks payable to East Tennessee Foundation with "Neighbor to Neighbor" in the memo line and mail to:
East Tennessee Foundation
520 W. Summit Hill Drive, Suite 1101
Knoxville, TN 37902

Otherwise, there are many charitable organizations providing impactful responses.We advise you to give to those you know and trust.  To further research organizations, go to or
The Tennessee Secretary of State also offers tips on giving wisely here

GIVE NOW to the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund


About East Tennessee Foundation:

East Tennessee Foundation (ETF) is a nonprofit organization created by and for the people of East Tennessee.  Serving more than 25 counties within East Tennessee, ETF consists of many donors joined together to make the region they love a better place.  ETF wants to build endowment, creating a permanent source of philanthropic funding for the East Tennessee region.

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