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The Oak Ridge Fund for Achieving Community Excellence (ORFace) is a newly established Affiliate Fund of East Tennessee Foundation. Its purpose is to make Oak Ridge the premier living and working community in the state of Tennessee.

ORFace will help shape Oak Ridge’s future by reinforcing our established role in science, enriching the programs and tradition of excellence in our public school system and stimulating economic development, and by including all our citizens in contributing to and benefiting from this community. It is intended to inspire us to imagine creative, distinctive, and ambitious community projects and to motivate our entities and organizations to collaborate on achieving those projects.

We begin with a modest endowment and will make our first grants as Oak Ridge is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. We will continue to build our endowment by ongoing gifts and from bequests by those who want to build excellence in Oak Ridge beyond their lifetimes.

You may want to make a donation today and can easily accomplish this by clicking the link on this page "GIVE NOW."

Or you can make a check to "Oak Ridge Fund for Achieving Community Excellence" and mail to:

Oak Ridge Fund for Achieving Community Excellence
In Care of: East Tennessee Foundation
520 W. Summit Hill Drive, Suite 1101
Knoxville, TN 37902

For more information, please contact:

Trudy Hughes
Vice President for Regional Advancement
East Tennessee Foundation
(865) 524-1223 or toll-free 1-877-524-1223
Email: thughes@etf.org

We the members of the ORFace Advisory Board thank you in advance for your interest and support of Oak Ridge!

Pat Postma, Chair
Charlie Jernigan, Vice-Chair
Leigha Humphries, Secretary/Treasurer
Wayne Blasius
Edwena Crowe
Laura Hammons
Sherrie Fairchild-Keyes
Roger Kiger
Martin McDonald
Alan Tatum

Member of Oak Ridge Fund for Achieving Community Excellence presents grant award checkOak Ridge Fund for Achieving Community Excellence (ORFace), an affiliate fund of East Tennessee Foundation, recently awarded its first grant to Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival in support of its first annual festival. To be held in Oak Ridge June 1st through 3rd, this festival bring nationally-recognized storytellers to teach, perform, and entertain. ORFace Advisory Board Chair Pat Postma acknowledged the three Oak Ridge Rotary Clubs who are collaborating to bring the festival to the community and thanked them for their leadership and community involvement. ORFace presented this first grant in honor of the City of Oak Ridge’s 75th anniversary and in support of its initial focus area of community. Future grant awards are planned for other areas of focus to include education and science.

Celebrating this first grant award are ORFace Chair Pat Postma with Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival Committee Chair Emily Jernigan and Vice-Chair Martha Hopson.