Howard H. Baker Medical Scholarship 

    • Purpose and History: The Howard H. Baker Medical Scholarship Fund, established by Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker, Darek Baker and Cissy Baker in memory of Senator Howard H. Baker, provides scholarship assistance to Tennessee residents attending medical school in Tennessee.
    • Scholarship Amount: $5,000 per year for one year; may reapply for subsequent years
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Residency Requirement: Graduate of Tennessee high school or Tennessee resident for a minimum of five years
      • Education Requirement: Current enrollment in a Tennessee medical school entering second, third, or fourth years
      • Field of Study: Medical Degree (MD) with a specialty in either Internal Medicine or Family Practice.  Preference will be given to students planning to practice medicine in Tennessee and special preference will be given to students intending to serve a rural population of Tennessee.
      • GPA Minimum: 3.0 from medical schools using letter grades; “Pass” from Vanderbilt University for first year medical students; “High Pass” or “Honors Pass” from second and third year Vanderbilt University applicants
      • College/ Enrollment Requirement: Full-time enrollment in any medical doctor program in the state of Tennessee (Osteopathic medical programs are not eligible)
      • Financial Need: Not applicable
      • Additional Requirements: U.S. Citizenship

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