Knoxville Business Association Scholarship

  • Purpose and History: Established in 1997 by the Knoxville Business Association to benefit students pursuing a business-related degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. 
  • Scholarship Amount: $1,000 first year; $1,500 second year; $2,000 third year; $2,500 fourth year
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • Residency Requirement: Knox County, TN
    • Education Requirement: Graduating senior from public or private high school located in Knox County 
    • Field of Study: Business-related degree.  Major does NOT have to be within the school of business 
    • GPA: 3.0
    • College/Enrollment Requirement: Full-time enrollment at University of Tennessee-Knoxville
    • Must demonstrate financial need
    • Additional Requirement: Preference given to students who intend to work in Knoxville

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