East Tennessee Foundation Scholarships

Investing in Our Region’s Future

Thanks to the generosity of our donors dedicated to investing in students' futures, we administer more than 60 scholarship funds. ETF scholarship program requirements range from financial need to scholastic achievement. Several scholarships are targeted toward specific schools or counties, students involved in certain extracurricular activities, or those who may not display the highest scholastic rankings yet still possess great potential and motivation. Others are geared toward students pursuing a specific field, such as business or nursing. Students apply to the program and, if eligible, can be awarded scholarships from one or more of these unique funds established by a variety of donors.

2017 materials and applications will be available in November 2016.

East Tennessee Foundation scholarships are administered in compliance with ETF's equal opportunity/non-discrimination policy.

Steps to Apply

1.  Determine which scholarships are available for either your county of residence or the location of your high school by clicking on "Scholarships Listed by   County".
2.  Click on the name of the scholarship(s) to determine if you meet all the eligibility criteria.
3.  Carefully read How To Apply online instructions