Leadership Education Fund

Leadership Education Fund 2020 grants will help ensure the continuity and sustainability of our region's organizations by awarding emergency grants through a simplified and expedited application and process to meet some of the critical leadership education needs created by COVID-19.

East Tennessee Foundation is directing Leadership Education Fund applicants to complete and submit the Neighbor to Neighbor Disaster Relief Fund application. There will not be a separate Leadership Education Fund application this year. To apply for a grant, please see the instructions below.

The Leadership Education Fund was established at East Tennessee Foundation in 1991 as a cooperative effort of the Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation to support and encourage excellence in public education.

Application Process

Applications are available and can be completed at any time.
At this time, there is no submission deadline. Applications will be considered for funding on a rolling, weekly basis.

Grant Amounts and Term

  • Limited funding is available.
  • Grants will be awarded for one-year terms.
  • Funds may be used as needed by organizations to support regional leadership education, to keep "the lights on," staff supported, and other essential operational needs.

Application Information

Who May Apply

General Eligibility and Funding Criteria

Additional eligibility criteria specific to Leadership Education Fund:

How to Apply

Additional Information

Please direct your questions to:
Jan Elston, Vice President for Competitive Grant Programs, or
Ashley Siferd Butler, Program Officer
East Tennessee Foundation
520 W. Summit Hill Drive, Suite 1101
Knoxville, TN 37902
Telephone: (865) 524-1223 or (877) 524-1223

Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Education Fund!