East Tennessee Foundation Announces New Scholarship Opportunities for Dobyns-Bennett + Science Hill High School Students and Residents from Sullivan and Washington Counties

November 23, 2021

Three new scholarships have been established for students living in Sullivan and Washington counties, Tennessee, including:

  • Fielding and Joyce Rolston Golf Scholarship for members of the Dobyns-Bennett High School Boys Golf Team
  • Fielding and Joyce Rolston Wrestling Scholarship for members of the Science Hill High School Boys Wrestling Team
  • Fielding and Joyce Rolston Post-Secondary Scholarship for students residing in Sullivan and Washington counties pursuing a post-secondary education.

Scholarship information, including detailed descriptions and application instructions, as well as 2022 applications, are now available on our website, http://www.etf.org/scholarships. The scholarship application must be completed and submitted online. The application deadline is February 15, 2022.

East Tennessee Foundation currently administers 75 active scholarship programs assisting 225 students within its 25-county service area and beyond. Scholarships established through East Tennessee Foundation by individuals, groups, families, and friends help fulfill the dreams of those wishing to pursue post-secondary education.

For more information, please contact Beth Heller, Vice President for Scholarship Programs, at (865) 524-1223, toll-free at (877) 524-1223, or by email at bheller@etf.org. For additional information about the scholarships available through ETF, please visit http://www.etf.org/scholarships