Why Give Through East Tennessee Foundation

The Foundation is a resource for East Tennesseans and a vehicle to assist individuals, families, and corporations to realize their philanthropic dreams. The Foundation offers:


The Board of Directors has adopted an investment policy and appoints an Investment Committee to manage and make all decisions on the Foundation’s investments. Members of the Investment Committee are chosen for their business and financial-management experience and expertise. To ensure its accountability to donors, beneficiaries, and the region, East Tennessee Foundation seeks through its investment policy to maintain or increase the real value of the endowment principal and its distributions over the long term while funding current needs at an appropriate level.


Funds can be established with a variety of assets, including cash, appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement funds, certain business interests, and private foundation transfers. Individuals or corporations can design a fund exactly tailored to their charitable interests.

Tax Benefits

East Tennessee Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a publicly-supported charity, which means donors receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift and estate tax purposes.


Setting up a fund at the Foundation is easy and often involves only one document. The Foundation handles tax filing, audits, record keeping, investments, and reporting for the fund. We do the work and leave the joy of giving to the donor.


The Foundation offers permanence and the opportunity to teach younger family members how to give. Donors' wishes can continue far into the future and donors can involve children and grandchildren to help carry on the charitable work.

Professional Management and Accountability

All assets are managed by professional money managers who are monitored by a volunteer Investment Committee of local professionals and by the Board of Directors. An independent auditor provides an annual accounting of all funds and practices.


For donors or families wishing privacy, the Foundation offers anonymous grantmaking.

Cost Convenience

If each individual fund had to recreate our services, the price tag would be prohibitive. The Foundation pools investments to achieve reduced management fees. A small professional staff reduces administrative costs. This leaves more money for charity.

Community Impact

The Foundation offers expertise in community needs. Donors can take advantage of this knowledge of regional concerns to make more informed decisions about charitable giving.