Types of Gifts/Assets ETF Accepts

Which asset is the right gift? When should it be given? Gifting different assets yields different results in the areas of income, capital gain, or estate taxes. Gifting during life presents different choices than gifting through an estate. These are questions for donors and their professional advisors to discuss in detail. ETF staff can assist in making these decisions.

What assets can be given to East Tennessee Foundation?

  • Cash
  • Appreciated Stock
  • Unencumbered Real Property
  • Shares in Mutual Funds
  • Savings Bonds
  • Remainder Interest in personal residence or farm
  • Closely Held Stock*
  • Interests in Limited Liability Partnerships
  • IRA's
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Rights - Mineral, Royalties, etc.

*The ETF Board considers some gifts on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact us.