Resources + Tools

East Tennessee Foundation strives to help donors realize their philanthropic dreams and leave a lasting philanthropic legacy. Like you, we focus on the donor’s goals and look for ways to make sure a donor’s intent is followed to the greatest extent legally possible.

Here are a few tools and resources you may find helpful in explaining to your client how ETF can help accomplish their charitable goals. For further detail, please contact us as our staff is happy to meet with you and/or your client at your convenience.

  • The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF), is a nonprofit, cooperative-style investment group whose mission is to assist nonprofit organizations by seeking to enhance their investment returns, reduce their investment expenses, broaden their universe of available investment choices, assist them in deploying assets in a manner that supports charitable expenditures while preserving purchasing power, and help them to monitor and evaluate investment performance. Since 1993, our Investment Committee has chosen TIFF to manage a significant portion of ETF’s long-term investment pool. The TIFF Update Webinar (Capital Markets Turmoil) from March 13, 2020 is recorded and available on TIFF's public website.  You will encounter a required registration page for your name and email. Once registered, you’ll be able to listen to the presentation in its entirety.​
  • ​Planning a bequest to establish a fund? Check out our sample bequest language for different types of funds. Please also contact us so we may work with you and your client to prepare a fund agreement in order to guide ETF on the fund’s administration after we receive the testamentary gift.
  • Our Guide to Charitable Giving is an essential tool for professional advisors and donors.​​
  • The Map of Philanthropy provides a short video illustration of East Tennessee Foundation's mission and operations.
  • The Power of an ETF Endowment – This table illustrates how far an initial gift of $50,000 in 1987 (our first full fiscal year) would go (as of the end of last year) by showing the total amount of grants that could have been paid according to our payout rate and the remaining fund balance, as adjusted for inflation.
  • ​Attention Professional Investment Advisors! If your client is considering creating a fund of $250,000 or more, you may be interested in our Investment Alliance Program. Learn the basics of this option by reviewing our brochure (PDF) or, for more detailed information, see Appendix C to ETF's Investment Policies (Word doc).
  • Initial Analysis of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (S. 748) provided by the National Council of Nonprofits
  • 2018 Year-End Tax Planning National Wealth Planning Stragegies Group, U.S. Trust Whitepaper