Aunt Betty's Technical Career Scholarship

Purpose and History

Established in 2019 for the benefit of students who plan to enroll or are currently enrolled in a career and technical post-secondary program.

Scholarship Amount

$2,000 award

Eligibility Requirements

  • Residency Requirement: Knox and Laurel counties, KY (including Barbourville); Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, Hancock, Hawkins, Loudon, Morgan, and Union counties, TN
  • Education Requirement: Graduating high school seniors, high school graduates, or GED recipients
  • Field of Study: Career and technical post-secondary program
  • Enrollment: Full-time or part-time enrollment at an accredited not-for-profit career and technical post-secondary program. (Preference given to public post-secondary institutions.)
  • Financial Need: Preferred, but not required

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